Friday, June 26, 2015

Brick-making equipment

We have now bought our own brick-making machine, as until now we have been dependent on borrowing one from the local lodge.
This means that from now on we can make high-quality bricks for all of our own construction work still needing to be done, but also we can generate income by selling bricks to locals who have their own building plans.  This is another positive step towards sustainability.  We would like to thank the Johannes Droste GmbH, who with their school sponsorship, have helped us to finance this project.

Our pupils receive a warm meal every day

Thanks to support from the World Feeding Programme, we are able to to provide our pupils with a substantial warm meal every day. The pupils at Farao Primary School are delighted. Every day there is Nshima (maize mash), vegetables and sometimes fish or meat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Info stand at Festival - Bürgerfest Regensburg 2015

June 2015: Thanks to A.I.B. GmbH we could take part at the Regenburg Citizens Festival 2015 again at Thon Dittmar Palais.  We raised  €357 and established some great contacts and enjoyed the conversations with the people who stopped by and showed interest in our project. A big thanks to those who helped us out.

The first EVER village kiosk in Farao is finished

This is a real relief for the villagers in Farao, who normally would have to walk either 8km to Kapululira village or Chriundu (16km) to purchase maize flour, soap, toothpaste and other basics. We are delighted with this project and will be training locals to run the shop, therefore creating more employment in the village.