Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Water Project Well Underway

BOREX and El Wells companies have been in the village drilling for water veins.  After three attempts, water was found at a depth of 80 metres.
Next steps are water capacity and quality tests, as the existing borehole in the area is contaminated with lead.
Not only will our school have a constant supply of water, but also the villagers will have easier access to clean water, and will no longer have to walk kilometres to fetch water.

ZESCO Completes Power Connection

After waiting for over eight months, we have finally got power in our school, the cantine and our finished teacher's house.  This is a breakthrough for us and we are delighted.  Thank you to our sponsors for all their assistance.

Fundraising Event with Colleagues and Pupils of the RFS e.V.

Every year in October, we get our baking gloves on and spend the weekend outside our school, in Regensburg, selling all our delicacies.

This year we managed to raise €1450.  50% of this money has been donated to the local safehouse for women, and the other half will be put towards our continuing projects.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014