Friday, January 24, 2014

The Regensburger Fremdsprachenschule e.V. students raise more money

Once again the students at the school I work at have excelled in raising money in combination with a wonderful occasion, the Germany /France Partnership Day (22.01.14).  Our French classes baked delicious French treats and sold them in the break and managed to raise €150 for their efforts.  A BIG thank you to all involved.  We appreciate your help.

In the pictures:  Sigrid, Claire and Michi.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Water Project Finally Gets Underway

The existing borehole in Farao being tested for water capacity.  Once we know how much water can be provided using this borehole, we can start pumping water up to the school and provide draw-off points for villagers in other areas to reduce the distance they have to walk to get water.
A second borehole will be set up after March (when the rainy season ends) to provide more water to more villagers and farmers. This is essential to improve the standard of living in this area.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Completed Teacher's House and Toilets

The feeding shelter nearing completion.


Some other impressions.

 Our dearest Uncle Wellingtom Farao (Tuta).  The headman of Farao and the one who donated the land to us for this project.

Chris and his wife, Pamela Farao.  Our dedicated director of the Farao Primary School Committee.

Baby Taonga!!!!!  Almost four years later. According to Mica, the headman in Kapululira, who looks after Taonga, she is a very bright child and they hope to start her with primary school at the age of five

Chlidren from Kapululira playing.

Grivas, Chris and Socrates.  Celebrating New Year's Day together.

Mutobe Farmers Cooperative

I was invited to take part in a meeting with local farmers in Kapululira Village to discuss the challenges they face keeping their farms running. 
Among other things, water is part pump piped to fields, but also must be pumped manually with this foot pump, which is incredibly strenous.

The farmers desperately require fencing around their plots to protect their crops from animals. Every night one or two farmers sleep on site to be able to scare off hippos and elephants attracted by the smell of maize, bananas etc. This is very dangerous and approximately two people are killed every year.
In addition, getting connected to power supply about 900m away, would be of considerable help as far as the watering of their plots are concerned. 
We have taken note of these requests and hope to be able to help these farmers in the future once the primary school project is up and running.  We are very grateful for your assistance in this matter.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Farao Village Meeting 25th December 2013

Many villagers and headmen gathered this day to discuss the community school project. It was a fruitful meeting and  continued with getting to meet our sponsored children in person and then with singing and dancing. Merry Christmas!

Zambia Trip December 2013 / 2014

Just returned from my 12 day trip to Zambia.  It was, as always, a wonderful experience.  A wonderful welcome and a productive time for Schools for Zambia and Farao Primary School Committee. The feeding shelter is nearing completion and we were finally approved by ZESCO  to begin the power project.  We have also made a concrete plan for water provision and hope to begin with this too.  The water quality is being tested and the existing borehole will be tested in the near future for pumping capacity.  A second borehole will be drilled after the rainy season ends in March to provide the community with adequate water supply.
We are further with the registration of the school process and hope to work with a number of organisations in the future, like ZOCS, UNICEF, "TIME TO LEARN" (USAID) to gain the necessary support for a sustainable future.  We are all very positive and hope for continued assistance in the future. Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far.

Goat meat for Christmas!  It tasted good!

Faith really happy with an MP3 Player

Some neighbours.