Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeding Shelter / Farao Primary School

We are slowly making progress with our feeding shelter, situated directly next to Farao Primary School.  When complete, we will be able to provide our pupils with one hot and healthy meal every day. In the future, we hope to grow our own vegetables in our school garden.  Village women will be employed by the school to provide meals each day and ingredients will be purchased locally.


Cake Selling Event

In October 2013 students and teachers of the RFS e.V. baked a large assortment of cakes and savouries and worked at a street stand on Saturday and Sunday selling our delicacies to passers-by and informing them about Schools for Zambia and our current projects.  The efforts were well-rewarded.  Not only did we manage to inform hundreds of people about Schools for Zambia and hand out flyers, we also sold almost everything and managed to raise €1550, our record to date!
A big well-done to all involved.


In Loving Memory of Rainer Schüdel

Rainer Schüdel, one of Schools for Zambia's founding members, was sadly killed in a car accident on 12th September 2013. We miss him dearly and we are so grateful to him for all his efforts over the years as far as our charity is concerned. He will never be forgotten.

Sponsored Walk

On 29th July 2013 we held a sponsored walk to raise money for our projects.  The students and teacher's of the RFS e.V. went on a 5km walk around beautiful Regensburg and ended our day in a beer garden.  The day was a complete success and we collected over €300.

Swishing for a Good Cause at School

On 26th July 2013 the students at Regensburger Fremdsprachenschule, in Regensburg,  held a swishing event to raise money for Zambia.  Everyone brought several  items with them, like clothes, DVD's, jewellery, accessories, books, etc and could swop their items for the same number of other articles.  The event was great fun and everyone went home with something "new".  The event ended with sparkling wine and delicious cakes, baked by the students themselves, as well as a few songs and funny moments.  We raised over €200!!