Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Medical Students from Regensburg Uniklinikum Visit Kapululira Village

Schools for Zambia organised a trip to Siavonga district, in Zambia in August 2011, for two medical students from Regensburg Uni-Klinikum, who were the first students to go to Zambia for six weeks as part of a new partnership programme between University of Zambia and Uni-Klinikum Regensburg, sponsored by DAAD (a German exchange programme). Steffi and Eva were in the training hospital in Lusaka for several weeks, observing methods of treatment there, before leaving the capital city to go to Kapululira village. There they inspected the clinic and spoke at length with the responsible nurse, as well as the District Health Officer for the region, Dr Kabungo. They assisted the nurse with her everyday duties and treated patients and have come up with many ideas how to improve the standard of treatment available, as well as possible new equipment. The two visitors from Regensburg are the first of hopefully many exchange students to have this opportunity of visiting the village and we hope to work closely with Uni-Klinikum in the future to ensure that this valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas continue. Pictures show the clinic in Kapululira, the girls with Chris Farao, our contact person in Zambia, as well as "Baby Taonga".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fundraising Event October

Students and teachers at RFS e.V. foreign language school , Regensburg, spent hours baking and preparing a delicious selection of cakes and snacks on 8th/ 9th October 2011. This project was to raise awareness for two very good causes - Schools for Zambia and the Regensburg Safe House for women, and by selling cakes all day Saturday and Sunday, teachers and students alike, we managed to raise over €1000, which will be split in half and donated to each charity. I would like to thank all involved. A great result!

Roof level has been reached.

The next stage following the completed roof level is to attach the roof structure, which is planned to start very soon. Thanks to some more generous donations we are now in a position to finance this and continue with the door and window structures.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work continues

Thanks to some very generous donations the last few months, the primary school construction progress continues. Currently, the roof structure is being fitted and the next steps are the doors and windows. The future looks bright and completion is not too far away. Thanks to all involved.