Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Fund Raising Event Christmas 2009

As in previous years I organised a fund raising event at my school, RFS e.V. involving students and teachers. Not only did we simply collect money, but we baked a huge variety of culinary delights and sold them on the street over a two-day period to raise money for our cause, Schools for Zambia e.V., but also a local charity "Frauenhaus Regensburg" (safe house for abused women).
This was a huge success, thanks to the amazing efforts that many of our students and staff made. It also raised awareness for two very good causes! We raised over €1200- a third of the money required to build our primary school in Farao Village.
I am eternally grateful for the support and dedication that our students and my colleagues showed. Here some photos and newspaper articles about our success.