Sunday, December 6, 2009

Next Project: Building a primary school!

Our current project is to build a much needed primary school for children from Kapululira and Farao villages. A primary school that is nearby and easy to access, i.e. doesn't involve crossing a dangerous river or having to walk 10-12 km. We require €3000 to do so and already we have collected about 50%. Please help us in our venture.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Photos August 2009

Latest photos from Kapuluira and Farao villages. One of our teaching cupboards, full of materials, lessons, getting new football strips, women from the villages and Uncle Tuta (headman) with his new watch.

Also, the building of the new pre-school in progress.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chris Farao - my partner for

This is Chris and Pamela Farao, with two of their four children outside their home in Kapululira Village. He is my direct contact person and sacrifices a lot of his time making our schoolsforzambia plans reality and creating new possibilities for work and education for the villagers and their children.

Voluntary Teaching in Zambia August 2008

Photos of a few of my classes I took during my stay in 2008. Teaching the women in the village how to read and write was a special honour for me.

Children with New School Things

A few children proudly holding their new school bags, with pecils, pens and exercise books. (2008)

Pre-School Farao Village

This school in Farao village received a new roof in 2008 with money donated by my students, myself and colleagues from the Regensburger Fremdsprachenschule e.V. in our annual Christmas money raising event.

Ist Beach Party at Roither Weiher

1st Beach Party and Biathlon event at Lake Roith (Roither Weiher) in July 2008. This was a brilliant night, with African music and a wonderful BBQ and thanks to the support of many friends and co-organisers it was a great success, raising €500 for Zambia and allowing the second shipment of computers I collected and adapted to be sent to schools there to give the teachers and students a possibility to develop their computer skills. This year's event on 31.07.09 promises to be even better, once again with drummers from Togo, magician Tim Dowd (member of the Magic Circle), a variety of food and a great atmosphere. Start time is 5pm, registration for biathlon possible until 4:30pm at the kiosk.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Being Taught How to Dance Zambian Style

August 2007- during my first visit to Kapululira Village, being greeted by some of the children and being shown how to dance to Zambia music. The children were very excited to see white people (molungoo) and followed us everywhere, trying to hold our hands and touch our hair.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Some of the Kids in Kapululira Village

Boys watching a local football match. Football is a very important part of their lives, despite many players not having shoes or football strips to play in.

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