Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Patenschaften / Sponsorship

We are desperately looking for sponsors.  We have 140 children going to school, but to date only 77 sponsors.  Sponsorship costs only €180 per year and you get an annual report about your child.  This helps us feed and cloth the children, and buy teaching materials for our lessons and support the maintenance of our precious school.

Grundschule Prüfening Spendenlauf / Charity Run - Primary School "Prüfening"

In May 2016, the "Prüfening" Primary School in Regensburg held a charity run in the aid of Schools for Zambia.  It was a fantastic day, and many children from grade 1-4 took part and helped raise an amazing amount of money.  Thanks Petra for making this event a reality, and thanks to the school team, who spent many hours preparing the event. (Limited photos due to data protection)

Schulkinder, Uniformen und Sport in der Schule / School Children, Uniforms, Sport at School

Since 2016 we have 140 children going to our school at no charge (grades 1-4).  In addition, they have uniforms, shoes and get a warm meal from Monday to Thursday.

Since the end of 2015 they have regularly being playing football and netball on our pitches, and have even taken part in local sporting events.

So viel ist passiert / So much has happened!

We have been very busy and have done a lot of work in the village recently.  We have built and opened the first village kiosk, we have extended the electricity power connection for a maize grinding building with machine, a brick production building structure with machine, as well as the kiosk.


Brick-making facilities

Maize Mill

Maize Grinder

Maize Milling Building

Villagers no longer have to walk 8-16km to have their maize grinded, or do it by hand.